Bringing the good news that Christ died to save us from our sins and that he was resurrected and we can be with him some day if we just believe in, and follow him. We believe that the root of change comes from Christ in us.



This year our plan is to build a Vocational Training center. We believe that education is a key to lifting people out of poverty. with your support we can build a facility for educating children as well as a training center for young adults to learn a skilled trade.



Bringing the clothes and basic life needs to the people on the streets that need it the most. Donations can be more than just money. We accept donations of clothes for children and basic hygiene items as well such as bars of soap, shampoo, tooth brushes, and toothpaste.



Fund raising for parents that want to adopt children from India. We at Hope for India's Orphans believe the best thing that can happen to an orphan is to be adopted and giving all the possibilities that the USA has to offer. Ultimately adoption is the final goal for our project.



Building homes for orphans that were never adopted is one of our biggest goals and in December 0f 2016 we were able to build 3 homes and fix another 6 that were in need of major repairs.

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 411 N. Grant Street, Goldendale, WA, 98620