Hope for India’s Orphans was started in 2015 by one of India’s previous orphans. Adam DeHart, who was adopted in 1986 from Kolkata, India at the age of 9 by a family in Washington State. It is his vision to get people to truly understand the blessing of adoption for both families and children. Upon his 2015 trip back to visit the orphanages in Kolkata, Adam saw the dire need for housing for orphans who were never adopted. This need was brought to his attention when he visited Boys Town Orphanage and found that many of the boys whom he had shared his childhood with in the orphanage, had never been adopted. A few of these grown orphans were fortunate enough to have been given a plot of dirt to build huts on but many whom are never adopted are turned out as adults because there are no funds to build homes. That’s where Hope for India’s Orphans steps in. With our skilled team of volunteers we are able to build homes for these otherwise hopeless people.

At Hope for India’s Orphans our vision is to bring awareness to the destitute conditions that plague orphans in Kolkata, India. We use our resources, time and labor to bring hope and opportunity to children and young adult orphans. Through yearly trips made up of skilled volunteers, these compassion motivated teams goal is to ease the suffering of orphans of all ages.

Our Compassion Teams bring basic life necessities that are distributed amongst orphans in desperate need such as clothing, medicine, soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste, school supplies etc. Volunteers help with building projects such as homes for orphans who were never adopted. These homes are basic four wall structures that are roughly 400sq. ft. We are able to give a home to an orphan that was never adopted for just over $1200.

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